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We're a team of beauty lovers, entrepreneurs and connaisseurs that love to share our insider knowledge on the latests trends in natural & organic beauty.

Green beauty has evolved far beyond those first brands creating home-made batches of oils and tinctures for locals. These days there is a global network present of cutting edge technology in manufacturing, a deeper understanding on how we can benefit from nature and simply better logistics. As a consumer it's quite difficult to traverse the complex world of skincare, exotic extracts, celebrity endorsements, product benefits for our youthful looks and side-effects of man-made chemicals. This "green" online platform does things differently, we understand how beauty works and know what you want. We're here to guide you every step of the way, making it very easy to find the right solution for your problem and proper techniques to use it. 
All of our brands have been curated for their purity, sustainability, safety and visible impact on how we look & feel. These botanical formulations outmatch their chemical counterparts in so many ways, we had so much fun trying them out ourselves. We encourage you to browse, ask us questions, educate yourself on what you're using in your daily life and share that knowledge with others. It's time to put an end to all these harsh chemicals and see what nature can do for us