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Universal Healer - Manuka Honey
Posted By Philippe Bijnens
15/11/2016 15:55
The world has been buzzing with honey infused goodies lately, from moisturizers & lipbalms to shampoos. The sticky yet sweet nectar is widely known for its taste, but also its antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Especially well for sensitive skins and those suffering from acne....
Caring For Colored Hair
Posted By Philippe Bijnens
15/11/2016 15:54
Coloring your hair to breathe fresh life into your routie, or simply looking for a new look is no easy feature. The rules of haircare change when you start moving away from your own natural color. While many salons can give you expert advice and make your mane feel lush after leaving their...
Remedy dry skin instantly
Posted By Philippe Bijnens
15/11/2016 15:46
The frosty wind and icy temperatures outside, coupled with heavy, dry indoor heating, are a disaster combo for our skin and hair. Nobody escapes from the matching beauty-related seasonal disorders such as dry skin, static hair and keeping warm. It's appropriate that this is the time to switch...

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