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Blog - Caring For Colored Hair

Caring For Colored Hair
By Philippe Bijnens 15/11/2016 15:54

Coloring your hair to breathe fresh life into your routie, or simply looking for a new look is no easy feature. The rules of haircare change when you start moving away from your own natural color. While many salons can give you expert advice and make your mane feel lush after leaving their chair, it's the care at home that usually falters. Having to stock up on special treatment shampoos, conditioners, masks and leave-in products to keep the color vibrant & long lasting.. it's an expensive undertaking.

What you need to ban in the shower

Once the color has been freshly applied at the salon, they seal it in with repairing treatments that also give a brilliance that can only be described as a fresh blow-out. Once home your regular shampoo and conditioner won't cut it anymore, being to harsh and not nourishing enough. Color treated hair cannot handle harsh chemical cleansing agents, unless you want your color to fade quickly. Think more among the lines of Leonor Greyl where each shampoo has been designed to be safe for color-treated hair! The Crème aux Fleurs is a bestselling shampoo for freshly colored hair, soothing the scalp and sealing in the color instantly.

Help, I overdid it with coloring!

Overly processed hair comes at a hefty price. Split ends, breaking hair, knots and tangles, bone-dry hair and possibly an itching scalp. The Masque Quintessence has been Holleywood's secret for a long time, with its youth restoring formula that revives even the most damaged hair. You'll need to consider frequent conditioners and mask to keep your hair supple, hydrated and prevent it from breaking off. The Huile de Leonor Greyl is known to be a perfect overnight deep conditiong treatment, giving back what coloring took out.

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