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Blog - Universal Healer - Manuka Honey

Universal Healer - Manuka Honey
By Philippe Bijnens 15/11/2016 15:55

The world has been buzzing with honey infused goodies lately, from moisturizers & lipbalms to shampoos. The sticky yet sweet nectar is widely known for its taste, but also its antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Especially well for sensitive skins and those suffering from acne. There are different tiers when it comes to honey, Manuka honey has long been considered the golden standard when it comes to potency.

What makes it different from regular honey?

All raw honey has some antibacterial properties based on the natural hydrogen peroxide content. Manuka honey on th other hand contains methyglyoxal, a substance present in the manuka bush, which is the main reason why Manuka honey packs a more potent punch that any other honey. 

What's it good for?

Raw manuka honey is amazing for its anti-irritation & soothing effects on stressed skin, the antibacterial properties for those with impurities and in general it's a quite nutrient-rich substance for all skintypes. Many brands are putting this special honey in their products so pretty much everyone can benefit from it one way or another. 

What's the tea?

You should experiment with Manuka honey products for sure, they're one of the most stable, soothing and nourishing substances you can find in skincare. Antipodes has build a few cult products around it, like their aura manuka honey mask, their skin-brightening juliet cleanser and the overnight miracle night avocado & pear nightcream. Universally pleasing for everyone and quite potent, so results will be visible overnight.

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