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Blog - Remedy dry skin instantly

Remedy dry skin instantly
By Philippe Bijnens 15/11/2016 15:46

The frosty wind and icy temperatures outside, coupled with heavy, dry indoor heating, are a disaster combo for our skin and hair. Nobody escapes from the matching beauty-related seasonal disorders such as dry skin, static hair and keeping warm. It's appropriate that this is the time to switch to warmer clothes, but also change out summer products for more nourishing, protective ones.

The cleansers

Because skin is particularly vulnerable to the hydration-zapping powers of cold weather and indoor heating, cleansing should become an essentially soothing experience. Move those foaming ones to the back and opt for a milk, cream or balm that does the trick. Voya's Totally Balmy is a dense balm packed with TLC botanicals and healing seewead. It will decongest, nourish and never dry out your skin. For on the go cleansing the Voya Cleanse & Mend contains the same beneficial in a lighter textured formula.

The oils

Though your complexion can benefit all year round from an oil, the winter months make it especially grateful with their shielding and hydrating powers. The deeply nourishing blend of Voya's My Little Hero will prove it's worth time and time again. Those that need more repair than protection can opt for the Antipodes Divine Oil.

The moisturizers

With skin properly cleansed and nourished, it's time to add that final barrier of protection against cold winds. Personal favorite Antipodes Avocado & Pear Night Cream has garnered a cult following with it's restoring effect overnight, preparing yourself for the next day no matter how little sleep you get. Daytime is a different time and calls for the ultra protective, smart-moisturizing effects of Voya's Pearlesque, a moisturizer that delivers more hydration where you need it and keeps you looking fresh at the office.

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